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We will be at the Ryton Clock and Watch fair on Sunday the 27th October. The new J&M Universal Mill and drill  will be available to view as well as the other machines in the J&M range. We will of course have all of our other unique stock and interesting items. Look forward to seeing you all there.

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JOHN STEVENS UNIVERSAL MICRO MILL & DRILLThis uniqe machine has been constructed from the base of a small bench single operation mill. John has as usual performed his magic to resurrect it to a very useful machine. The footprint is 420mm X 400mm and has a maximum height ( vertical slide extended ) of 720mm. The table size is 190mm X 75mm and the travel is 80mm X 70mm. the T slot is 8mm and is fitted with two hold down bolts. The machine weighs in at a substantial 36 kilos but can be broken down for transport. Other equipment shown includes an 8mm spindle which takes standard watch lathe collets, an E11 collet spindle, both are driven by a varaible speed low voltage DC motor which comes with its controller. A varaible speed drilling quill is shown mounted on the machine and can be moved through 180 degrees. A 90 degree bracket holds the 2 spindles in the vertical plain and again allows90 degrees of movment in either direction. The vertical slide has an adjustable block that holds the quill or spindles, this can be moved up and down the slide, fine adjustment is then affected by the handles and dial. The dials are graduated 0-2mm and are split into 200 divisions and are backlash free. A small led light is fitted which gives excellent coverage at the point of cut. This is the only one that John has built so is one of a kind and is built to a very high standard. If you are interested in this hand made machine and woud like to know more we would suggest you contact John directly on 07831877240. Price on application. Built in Britain Built to Lastâ„¢


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