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We have been showing the machine at various venues in its development phases but we are now pleased to show the finished machine first time on the site, Sorry for the delay but details take time to get right!!

The J&M mill is not just a vertical / horizontal machine but is also a high precision drill. It has been designed so it can be quickly changed to suit many machining operations and drilling set ups. The  J&M Universal Milling machine is made from high quality materials and constructed using traditional methods in Great Britain and is made up of the following components , A sold base 204mm x 204mm with a footprint of 305mm x 305mm with an XY table and a bridge support, table dimensions are 225mm x 94mm and travel is 105mm x100mm . A vertical column with slide fits to the bridge in three positions, attached to the column is a sliding block that takes the spindles and the drilling quill. This block can be quickly positioned on the vertical slide and then adjusted precisely to the correct position total travel is 175mm. The sliding block takes a right angled bracket that houses either the 8mm collet spindle or the E11 Milling spindle, so can be mounted vertical. The spindles fit the block directly for horizontal applications. The table feed screws are 2mm pitch and have dials that are marked 0 -1mm – 2mm in micron steps (200 divisions). Backlash is taken care of by back to back bronze nuts and are easily adjusted if any wear should take place. The table lead screw can be disengaged and a rack lever fitted for repetitive work such as wheel and pinion cutting. ( see detailed pictures below). The table is fitted with locks and adjustable stops. The drilling quill is the same one that is used on the SIXIS 101 and the ACIERA F1 but housed in its own bracket to fit the mill. The motors are DC and powered by a small controller that give adequate power and speed for most applications. Milling spindle speeds are are in three steps 1,  640 – 1720 rpm 2, 1260 – 3520rpm 3, 2700 – 6750rpm Drilling Quill speeds are 2000- 5750. The pictures show the versatility of the machine and is designed for the horologist, serious model makers, instrument makers, and research and development facilities. Total weight of the machine with either the 8mm spindle or the E11 spindle and the drilling quill with tools, mag base led light, speed controller is 35 Kilos. Built in Britain Built to Last™ Please contact us for any further information.

PRICE £4000.00

We will be demonstrating the machine at the Birmingham watch & clock fair on the 19th of January 2020.



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