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A new edition to the range of small precision machines from J&M Machines. This has been designed to fit D bed and WW pattern lathe beds but can be adapted to fit most small lathes. From the pictures you will see that it uses a slotted base which fits on to the plate were the T rest is clamped to or in the case of a WW bed a special T bolt and  knurled hand wheel clamp the bar to the bed of the lathe. A 1″ round bar is attached to this by an Alan screw. The Motor and quill block slide up and down the bar and can be clamped and rotated in any position.  The Quill has 23mm of movement and has depth stops to limit travel. The spindle has an E11 collet holder and comes with 4 collets 4 and 6mm and 1/8 and 1/4 other collets can be supplied. A small drilling chuck is supplied with a stub arbour  to suit the 6mm collet this has a capacity of 4mm. The Knurled  graduated screw moves the block up and down a dovetailed slide to give very accurate control over depth, one turn is 1mm and is graduated in microns so accurate milling can be executed.  Power is supplied by a DC controller with 240 Volt single phase input. speed range is from 1500 – 3850 rpm. This drill can be used for very light milling and drilling and is suited to the horologist and micro modeler . The machine is constructed of the finest quality materials to Traditional standards and principals.  Please call for any further information or to see a demonstration of this versatile drilling unit. Built in Britain Built to Last™

PRICE £650.00

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