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You can use the contact form on our “About” page, or use the form below regarding any tool that interests you.
Please make sure you complete all the information asked for otherwise we will not receive it.

This Sunday the 24th November we will be at the West country Clock Fair at the Taunton Travelodge just of the motorway. We will have all of the J&M products as well as our usual range of interesting items as well as a pultra 1750 with a good range of kit and a very clean Unimat 3 with milling attachment. looking forward to seeing customers old and new.

Tel: 01235 763987
Fax: 01235 769828


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What We Buy

Selling your Tools with Pennyfarthing Tools

If you have any tools for sale, please contact us by phone, fax, or email, and with photographs if possible. We are always happy for customers to bring tools for sale to us but it is a good idea to phone first and arrange a time. We will always call on you if the collection or workshop is extensive. We can agree a figure on inspection. Tools that are not of use to us are always passed on to the charity, Tools With A Mission, who have collected off us for many years.

We are always looking for good examples of the following:-

Lathes by:

Myford | Unimat | Hobbymat | Emco | Cowells | Lorch | Boley | Schaublin | Colchester | Hardinge | Star | Favorite | IME | BTM | Warco | Chester | Smart and Brown | Boxford | Pultra | Wolf Jahn | Mikron | Harrison | Habeeger | Sherline | Meyer & Burger | Astoba | Stiener

Any lathes associated with clock and watch making.

Mills & Jig Borers by:

Myford | Cowells | Chester | Victoria | Pallas | Bridgeport | Schaublin | Aceria | Centec | Sixis | Warco | Chester | Raglan | Dixi | Alexander | Deckel | Lip | Metba | Wolf Jahn | Adcock&Shipley | Abene | BCA | Potts milling spindle | Astra | Elliot | Downham | SIP | Hauser | Boley | Wolfjann | Thiel | Rawler | Dore Westbury

Any mills and jig borers associated with watch and clock making.

Drills By:

Meddings | Fobco | Christen | Champion | IME | Pollard | Cincinati | Hauser

All scale Models including: steam engines, stationary engines petrol and diesel engines, aero engines.

All jewellery and silver smithing tools.