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Coming in very soon a well equipped  EMC FB2 mill on makers cabinet stand with drip try, in very good condition.  Call for details

Bushing Tool required, K W M or Bergeon would be ideal, as complete as possible with cutters broach`s, gauge and bushes in good condition.  Money waiting for the best example. Also Chronos/Boyle/Corrie or any wheel or pinion cutting engines,  Money awaits the best example.


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A very clean example of this late 5″ x 22″  model from the Boxford company.This one is the metric version, not on the makers stand but on a home constructed one but with the original chip and suds tray. The Speed range starts at 60 rpm and goes to 2100 rpm ( 16 speeds including  back gear ).  It comes with the following inventory :-

  • 5″ 3 Jaw Pratt Burnerd chuck with reverse jaws
  • 6″ 4 Jaw Pratt Burnerd chuck
  • 9″ Face plate  &  6″ Face Plate
  • Catch Plate
  • Full set of gears
  • Fixed and traveling steadies
  • 14 Imperial collets and adapter tube
  • Suds pump and Tank
  • Dickson tool holder Block and 4 tool holders
  • Tailstock chuck
  • Saddle stop
  • Slotted cross slide
  • Thread indicator
  • 240 Volt single phase power with Reversing switch
  • Home constructed long travel vertical slide.

This smaller model with power cross feed is in fine condition and would fit any workshop where space is at a premium, no dings or cuts to the bed and very little back lash on the top slide and cross slide threads. Built in Britain Built to Last™

This Lathe has now been SOLD



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