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Well they could be !!

This is a bit of a departure from our usual merchandise but they came in with a load of kit and we thought we would put them up to see if anybody had any interest in them. There should have been 3 in the set but one has gone awol according to the previous owner. Made buy W Vinten of  Bury St Edmunds they where used extensively during and after the 11 world war.  The camera`s bear the following information and comes with the original control box still packed in its box:-

  1. No 1 Camera f 95  WVC / R / 2 / 71   N0 14 A  /4557  serial N0 1049
  2. No 2 Camera f 95 WVC / R  / 1 / 65   No  14 A / 4557 serial No    615
  3. both bodies modified in 62 and 65
  4. They  have a 4″ lens unit and are 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4″
  5. The lenses are  f2  ANASTIGMAT
  6. Two filters

So if anyone wants a piece of that strange time when things got a bit edgy now`s the time. Buyer collects or arranges collection Made in Britain Built to Last™


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