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A rare chance to obtain one of Johns micro mills in as new condition. Built to exceptionaly high standards this mill is one of only two constructed. It comprises of a cast iron base to which the single 6mm tee slotted milling table is attached which has a movement of 120mm X 50mm, table size is 200 mm x 60 mm. The vertical column that is attached to a slotted base at the rear (150 mm long) has a dovetail slide that has 90mm of vertical movment, attached to this is a block that takes the  horizontal spindel, the vertical milling head and the drilling quill. The block can be moved up and down the column and can be locked in position. This configuration allows very flexible movement in all planes. The milling spindle has an ER11 holder and comes with 13 ER11 collets from 1mm – 7mm in .5mm steps. The drilling quill has a 0-4mm chuck and quill movment is 30mm. Both the milling spindle and drilling quill are powered by  DC motors that have a shared power supply (240 volt mains ) that gives 7 speeds. A small led work light with power supply is included. The Mill has metric slip dials graduated for 1mm per revolution. the footprint is as follows:- Height 480mm 450 mm long and 270mm wide and weighs 11Kilos. The price represents outstanding value for a hand built machine and would be idealy suited for Horologist`s, micro modellers and 00 gauge constructors. If you are interested or require any further information please call us. Built in Britain Built to Last™. Buyer collects or arranges collecton, we can pack this at cost if required.


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