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PINNACLE PILLAR DRILL This drill  comes with an enviable 12 speeds ranging from 110 rpm – 3110 rpm and has a capacity of  5/8 -16 mm drill chuck or can use 2 Morse drills directly into the quill which has a stroke of 3 1/2″. The power comes from a G E C 220-240 single phase 1/2 HP motor. The height from the 9 x 9″ square  table to the quill is 28″  and from the quill  to  the base plate is 50″ the overall height is 65″.  Although these have been around a while they have had little use if any, and apart from some staining on the table are in very good condition. A three jaw chuck on a 2 Morse arbour  can be supplied if required at a further cost of between  £25.00- £30 depending on size. Buyer collects or arranges collection.


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