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Bushing Tool required, K W M or Bergeon would be ideal, as complete as possible with cutters broach`s, gauge and bushes in good condition.  Money waiting for the best example. Also Chronos/Boyle/Corrie or any wheel or pinion cutting engines,  Money awaits the best example.


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This has to be the best one we have had for a very long time A late model and with the alternative milling head when the one in the catalog was discontinued. This has only been test run, the milling head had not been set up or fitted when we collected the lathe. All the  accessories were in there original boxes when we unpacked the lathe from its box. technical spec as follows:- Center height 65 mm, Distance between centers 350 mm,swing over bed 130 mm, swing over cross slide 80 mm, lead screw pitch 1.5 mm, 1 morse tailstock ,  footprint 980 x 470 mm Feed rate Longitudinal 0.07 / 0.14 mm/rev. Thread pitches with standard automatic  feed mechanism 0.4 / 0.6 / 1.0 / 1.25 /1.5 mm. With the additional change wheel set a further 10 metric pitches and 14 imperial pitches can be obtained. The 500 watt 240 single phase reversible lathe motor  and the 200 watt single phase  mill motor are mor than adequate fro the range of projects that can be built on this machining center. The additional list of accessories follows:-

  • 80 mm 3 jaw chuck with both sets of jaws
  • 90 mm 4 jaw chuck
  • 90 mm clamping plate and clamps
  • Top slide
  • Fixed steady
  • ESX collet holder
  • 15 collets 2 – 16 mm in case
  • Machine vice
  • Change gears ( additional )
  • left hand feed unit
  • Automatic feed unit
  • quick change tool holder + 2 holders
  • Milling cutter arbor
  • Vertical fine feed for mill
  • Facing and boring head ( Fly cutter )
  • Milling table with clamps
  • Dividing attachment with 22 possible divisions
  • Revolving center
  • Tailstock drilling chuck ( fits Mill )
  • Alignment test bar for setting  mill head
  • lathe tool set
  • Steel base
  • set of leveling pads
  • set of tools and allen keys
  • Instruction Manuals parts list and brochures.

This machining center would suit model engineers, horologists, project workshop and  is an outstanding opportunity to buy an as new machine with everything one could need in one go.  To Purchase this machine new ( and this one is as good as it gets ) would cost in the region of  £2700.00. So if you are looking for a compact machine and have limited space then this package  deserves serious consideration ! Buyer collects or arranges collection, we can pallet if required.

EmcoCompact 5 lathe and mill 005

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