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Bushing Tool required, K W M or Bergeon would be ideal, as complete as possible with cutters broach`s, gauge and bushes in good condition.  Money waiting for the best example. Also Chronos/Boyle/Corrie or any wheel or pinion cutting engines,  Money awaits the best example.


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A rare chance to purchase one of the best multi-machine tools ever built, sadly no longer in production. This is the cabinet mounted K type which had a shorter bed length than the free standing S type. Both machines had the same functionality and all the equipment was interchangeable. This is one of the machines that have come from the Late Maurice Clark`s workshop, all pictures have been taken on site. The machine has had use and could do with a clean up as there is a fair bit of oil and grease staining. The standard table bears the marks of a small milling cutter as does the universal table but does not effect the accuracy or function of these accessories, the cutter marks can be seen in the pictures.

Inventory of equipment:-

  • 3 & 4 jaw chucks
  • 4 jaw chuck and face plate
  • Catch plate
  • Fixed and moving steady
  • Set of change gears for metric and imperial threads
  • Hand turning rest
  • Drilling attachment
  • Milling overarm and support bracket
  • Milling arbor
  • Horizontal Boring bar
  • Adjustable bearing support for boring bar
  • Universal machine vice
  • stub arbor
  • Spindle extension for collets
  • Intermediate gear for automatic feed at raised height
  • Universal Table adjustable in 2 planes.
  • Fixed milling table.
  • Dividing / rotary table with 3 plates centre and tailstock
  • 26 Metric and imperial collets
  • Height extension block for cross slide tool holder
  • Height extension block for tailstock.
  • Support bracket for heavy duty milling
  • Tripan block and 2 holders
  • Grease gun and some tools.

The motor is 3 phase but comes with an inverter drive ( 240 volt mains in ). For its size this machine will cover a multitude of task`s, and is suited to a smaller workshop were space is at a premium. The machine was built to a very high standard ( well it is Swiss ) and will give the next owner many years of service. We will be happy to supply from our archive a copy of the manual and the screw cutting tables to the new owner on the purchase of the machine. we will also be delighted to answer any questions you may have on this machine as I have used one for years. The serial No is 2100, year of manufacture is 1966 and is Imperial.The Buyer will have to arrange collection with the executors and is bought as seen It is located in Cornwall.


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