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WANTED. ACIERA  F1 We have a client who is wanting to secure a good condition well equipped machine.

Also Bushing Tool required, K W M or Begeon would be ideal, as complete as possible with cutters broach`s, gauge and bushes in good condition.  Money waiting for the best example. Also Chronos/Boyle/Corrie or any wheel or pinion cutting engines,  Money awaits the best examples.


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This vertical slide has no manufactures identification mark on it, has some oil or grease staining in the front face but otherwise is unmarked. The height of the slide overall is 4″ and moves verticaly to 5″ there are no graduations on the hand wheel. The slot width on face is 9/32″ depth from face is 3/8″ T slot width is 1/2″. This slide would fit onto a Pultra 1750 or similar size lathe.  Will post UK only Royal Mail Special Delivery for £10.00 including packing.


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